Thursday, April 10, 2014

Isilon Commands

Isilon cluster status
isi status

List Serial Numbers of Isilon Nodes
isi_for_array isi_hw_status |grep SerNo

Collect Support Materials

Verify Active connections between Isilon interfaces to Client Mountpoints
isi statistics client
netstat -an

Verify Boot drive status
gmirror status
atacontrol list

Verify faulted devices
isi_for_array "isi devices"
isi_for_array -s isi devices | grep -vi healthy
isi_for_array -s isi_hw_status | grep -i serno

To Check the Status of the cluster as a whole
isi status

#To Check the Status of an individual node
isi status status -n <node #>

#To check on the status of disk or node pools
isi -d

#To View currently running jobs (internal processes)
isi job status

#To view current cluster events (these need to be manually cleared)
isi events

#To quiet all events on the cluster
isi events quiet all

#To cancel all events on the cluster (note this does not delete the events)
isi events cancel all

#Some SyncIQ Commands
#Show the status of all currently running jobs (a summary)
isi sync jobs report

#Check on the detailed status of all running jobs
isi sync jobs report -- v

#Manually start a SIQ policy
isi sync policy start <policyname>

#Restart a SIQ policy that had some problems, (still uses snaps, for the incremental)
isi sync policy resolve <policyname>

#View all Cluster Services
isi services -la

#Stop a cluster service (even one that you shouldn’t) {SyncIQ in this example}
isi services -a isi_migrate disable

#Start the same cluster service
isi services -a isi_migrate enable

isi statistics client --nodes all --top

#Show a table of useful live stats
isi statistics pstat

#Show the paths that are most active (a heat map more or less)
isi statistics heat

#A useful script to show all NFS connections on the cluster, lagged by 5 minutes
isi statistics client --nodes all --protocol nfs3 --totalby =Node --orderby =
Node; sleep 10; done

#Basics of Screen
#To Launch a new screen session
Hit Enter to accept the EULA >

#To Disconnect from your active screen session
<> -1-

#To list all screen sessions (per node)
screen screen -ls

#To reconnect to a screen session when only 1 is running

#To reconnect to a screen session, when more than 1 are running
screen -r <sessionid number from the ls command above >

#Run any command on all nodes
isi_for_array <syntax>

#Make this run sequential, rather than parallel, which makes the output easier to understand,
but takes longer
isi_for_array -s <syntax>

#Run the commands on only a subset of nodes
isi_for_array -n 5,6,7,8 <syntax>

#Maintenance tasks
#Smartfail a disk

isi devices -a smartfail -d 5:8

#This is the format of <Nodenumber:DiskNumber>
#Smartfail a node

isi devices -a smartfail -d 5

#This is the entire node, after all data is safely evacuated from
the node, it will be rebooted, and reformatted, and left in an unconfigured state
#Run Hardware Diagnositics on a new cluster
#DO NOT RUN THIS ON A PRODUCTION CLUSTER, it will cause very heavy resource utilization for a
few hours

#Gather Logs for Support
#The default location is in: /ifs/data/Isilon_Support/pkg/

#Gather Logs for Support but don't attempt to automatically send them back to support (via FTP,
HTTP or email)
#After this command completes, a path will be outputted where the file is stored, please upload
to support manually
isi_gather_info -- noupload

#Authentication Commands
#List Active Directory Providers configured
isi auth ads list

#View details of one of the resulting domains
isi auth ads view --v

#List File Providers
isi auth file list

#Get more information
isi auth file list --v

#View LDAP providers configured
isi auth ldap list

#View NIS providers configured
isi auth nis list -2-

#View how a specific AD user is being mapped, and the groups that are being enumerated
isi auth mapping token domainname\\username

#Also utilizing | head -20 can be helpful, because the most important information is at the top
of the output.

#Access Zone Commands
isi zone zones ls
#Get more detail on all zones
isi zone zones ls --

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